Net.Time ta T

Grid Automation

Time is an indispensable resource in grid automation required in critical applications such as Data Acquisition, Protection Relays Switchgears, SCADA, Events logging, Synchrophasors, et. The information must be time correlated to be processed and take the correct decisions to maintain a compact while effective power service facilitating interconnection, stability and performance of the electrical service.

Accuracy at the Substation

GNSS is a common reference, however interference and spoofing make it a vulnerable signal. To avoid the bad consequences of that problem, Net.Time accepts multiple time references that can be scheduled in sequence of backups, making Net.Time a sophisticated, flexible and versatile clock.

Net.Time can be equipped with an OCXO or Rubidium oscillator to ensure quality timing, especially in hold-over.

Scalable Architecture

Net.Time &phi has five modules that allow the clock to be configured according to each topology and offer a unique combination of interfaces and protocols to satisfy the synchronism demand of a large number of substations.

Smooth migration to PTP

Many substations are adapting the IEC-61850 standards that consider PTP as the most advanced timing signal, however the installed base of signals such as IRIG-B, NTP, PPS among others, is so large that they will continue to be in operation for many years.

Bearing this fact in mind Net.Time treats equally in terms of availability and quality to all these legacy protocols as well, integrating all legacy protocols under a unique and powerful architecture that favors cooperation, interconnection and eventually smooth migration. Therefore all time protocols are treated with respect and offering the maximum level of performance.

Advanced web interface​

A user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) permits engineers to interact with Net.Time to monitor and fully configure the unit. The application is downloaded from the unit through the internet or any Enet/IP network.